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Selective 509 is a Portuguese Studio created in 2017. It arises from a common need for two old friends to develop the video game they never did in their childhood.
With a youth heavily branded by the Zx Spectrum, Commodore Amiga and by the first victorious steps of X86 architecture in video games, these influences mark their position in the market.
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Sandro Vilar


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Tiago Lobo Dias


In 2016, two old friends get together and a conversation about video games, the challenge of creating a title that involves part of his memories and influences of his adolescence is put on the table.
The 80s and early 90s were a time of great expansion in the video game industry and it was here in a decade that these two youngsters saw two of the machines that shaped the market and their youths the most: Sinclair Zx Spectrum and Commodore Amiga, namely the 48K and the Amiga 500 were the two models that changed their lives. It was here that they took the first steps in programming and it was with them that they would shape their lives by taking them to computer careers.
Each of them followed a branch connected to programming but always distant from the world of video games.

After 34 years of the launch of the legendary Zx Spectrum, they decided to embrace a new project, creating their first game.
Some genres were equated and some even went from paper to computer but without major developments.

The learning process was slow, but time was patiently gone and several weeks later, the style and genre is finally agreed.
Skillander, a game inspired by the Lunar Lander of the late 1970s, is born from a few sketches on paper.
The concept base initially designed, has remained since the first drafts, but several elements have been redesigned, many added and withdrawn.
It comes out of the test tube to the market with great care and nostalgia. It was what they always wanted to do, but that has been waiting for 3 decades.

Whoever waits always reaches. And that's how with the Skillander was officially created the Selective 509 entity. Regardless of the success of the game, it's a dream come true.
Just so it was worth these months of nostalgia.


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